Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld, a town with 6,949 inhabitants, is located in the Rhön-Grabfeld district, in the north east of Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany on the Franconian Saale a few kilometers from the border with Thuringia. The town is about a hundred-mile drive east and slightly north of Frankfurt/Main. Several smaller villages exist within the town limits: Althausen, Aub, Eyershausen, Gabolshausen, Ipthausen, Merkershausen, Untereßfeld.

The town has a long history, dating back over 1,275 years to the year 741. In 1896 mineral springs were discovered in the town, but in those first years the healing properties of the water became known only to the local people.

It would be many years before the full development of health resort facilities there, leading to the change in name from Königshofen to Bad Königshofen in 1974.

For information about Bad Königshofen please call the Mayor & Council Office at 817-459-6122