What to Know: Avoiding High Weeds & Grass Violations
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 30, 2018, April 30, 2018


It's time to tune up that lawnmower. The arrival of warm, rainy springtime days means tall grass and overgrown weeds can quickly become an issue for property owners and their neighbors.

High weeds and grass not only contribute to blighted conditions in neighborhoods, they can harbor rodents, snakes, and other pests and block visibility for drivers. Overgrown properties can also make grass fires more dangerous for firefighters and families. Remember to keep your yard or vacant lot trimmed - or you could face fines and fees.

Per City of Arlington ordinance, private property owners must not allow grass or weeds to grow taller than 12 inches. This includes front, back and side yards and any right-of-way areas from the property line to the roadway.

Owners who do not mow after receiving an annual notice of violation may be subject to citations and having their property mowed by a City-hired contractor. The City will bill the property owner for the cost of the contractor plus a $200 administrative fee. Failure to timely pay for mowing may result in a lien being placed on the property.

Click here for more information on high weeds and grass or to see other topics in the Code Compliance Single-Family Residential Rapid Reference Guide.

To report high weeds and grass in Arlington, call the Action Center hotline at 817-459-6777 or use the free Ask Arlington app.

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