The City Auditor’s Office is responsible for conducting performance audits, to include operational, compliance and information technology audits. The City Auditor’s Office performs special audits as requested or as considered necessary. The Office also monitors the City’s fraud hotline and provides assistance to the City’s external audit firm.

Audit Staff

The City Auditor’s Office is composed of the following staff:

  • City Auditor – Susan Edwards, CIA, CFE, CICA
  • Assistant City Auditor – Philip DeGroat, CISA
  • Information Technology Auditor – Roshan Jayawardene, CISA
  • Internal Auditor – Lee Hagelstein, CGAP
  • Staff Auditor – Stephanie Brown

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Contact the City Auditor’s office

Call us at 817-459-6144.


The City of Arlington established its internal audit function in 1972 by creating an Internal Auditor position within the Finance Department.

In 1977, Internal Audit became a division of the Management Services Department. From 1977 through 2005, Internal Audit continued to be a division of various departments that reported to the City Manager.

In May 2005, Arlington citizens approved the City Auditor as an officer appointed by a majority of the members of the City Council. This action marked the beginning of an independent internal audit function.