Bee City USA LogoIn 2019, The City of Arlington became a Bee City USA affiliate. Bee City USA is an initiative of The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. It is an international nonprofit organization that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. The program focuses on pollinator conservation, endangered species conservation and reducing pesticide use. Bee City USA focuses on bringing local governments and their communities together in order to sustain native pollinators.

There are approximately 700 native bee species in Texas. 80% of native plants in Texas rely on these and other pollinators to reproduce. In the U.S. $18 to $27 billion dollars’ worth of food production relies on the direct contribution of pollinators. In fact, one out of every three bites of food we eat is courtesy of a pollinator. Pollinators need food and nesting places in order to thrive. We can help by conserving and restoring habitat that is pesticide free and contains an abundance of native flowering plants.

Educational outreach about native bees and other pollinators such as bats, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, wasps, flies and beetles is the first step to improving pollinator habitat in the City of Arlington. Arlington’s Bee City USA initiative will focus on providing educational material and resources on Texas Native Bees and other Texas pollinators. The initiative will promote habitat conservation and restoration on both public and private land. By increasing pollinator habitats, we also get many other benefits. Using native and/or adaptive plants to provide food and nesting places for pollinators also reduces pesticide and fertilizer use, improves local water quality and decreases water usage.

Be City affiliates commit to the following:

  • Establish a standing Bee City USA committee to advocate for pollinators
  • Create and enhance pollinator habitat on public and private land
  • Incorporate pollinator-conscious practices into city policies and plans
  • Host annual pollinator awareness event or planting
  • Publicly acknowledge Bee City USA affiliation with signs and website
  • Annual report of activities

Learn more about Bee City USA at or visit Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation at