The City of Arlington Stormwater Management Division strives to maintain the health of our local streams, creeks, rivers and lakes while providing wildlife habitat and improving aquatic ecosystems. Our goal is to maintain the natural hydrologic cycle, prevent increased risk of flooding, prevent undesirable stream erosion, and protect water quality.  By mitigating the effects of urban development, we can provide opportunities for human uses of water.  

The City finances stormwater management services through the stormwater utility fee.  The utility fee is based on the amount of impervious area of developed property. These fees enable the City to maintain its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) or stormwater drainage system. The utility fees fund stormwater drainage infrastructure improvements, floodplain administration projects, educational outreach program development and ensure compliance with local, state and federal stormwater regulations.

The City spends a significant amount of time and resources on a variety of programs and public involvement initiatives that work with citizens, businesses, and property owners to increase public awareness of stormwater issues and promote private stormwater management efforts.

If you have any questions concerning Stormwater Management please contact us at 817-459-6550 or visit