The Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grantee-designated area targeted for revitalization. A NRSA is different from other local targeted areas in that the designation is reviewed and approved by HUD. In return for the designation, grantees are afforded enhanced flexibility in undertaking economic development, housing and public service activities with their CDBG funds. A community will benefit from a comprehensive place-based approach by using CDBG dollars to leverage additional funding for the neighborhood. A NRSA designation encourages and requires extensive community consultation and participation in revitalization efforts. Grantees also receive enhanced flexibility when undertaking economic development, housing and public service activities when using their CDBG funds. Regulatory relief and greater flexibility are the primary benefits.

The City of Arlington identified the Central Arlington Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) as an area of high poverty and need for concentrated redevelopment and assistance to residents. The Central Arlington NRSA was approved by HUD in November 2005 with the 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan. In 2008, the City sought approval to expand the boundaries for the purpose of providing greater flexibility for housing strategies within Arlington. In July 2008, the City Council approved expanding the boundaries to include four residential census blocks west of the original NRSA. The expanded NRSA boundaries were approved by HUD in August 2008. The land use in the Central Arlington NRSA is 64.6 percent residential. The neighborhood contains some of the oldest surviving housing, original downtown, a state university, and diverse racial and ethnic populations.

Click here to access an interactive map that can be used to determine if a property is located in the City of Arlington NRSA.


  1. Select the link to open the map
  2. Enter the address in the “Find address or place” search tool at the upper left on the map and select search.
  3. The NRSA is highlighted in red on the map, so if the property is located in the red area it is in the NRSA.

Example of map displaying NRSA results