Animal Services and Code Compliance Officers Enlighten Students at Ashworth Elementary's Career Day
By Carol Weemes, Code Compliance Services
Posted on March 31, 2023, March 31, 2023

Ashworth Elementary Career Day

Students from Ashworth Elementary gathered and listened attentively to Annette De La Rosa on Career Day as she provided information and education about responsible pet ownership and her duties as an Animal Control Officer on March 10.

De La Rosa demonstrated the mechanical lift and other technical features of her equipped Animal Services truck that assist her when working in the field – especially when capturing large loose and/or aggressive animals. She stressed the importance of pets wearing identification tags as well as having a microchip to help in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Students gasped as she described a request for assistance that she responded to about a large snake to be removed from a property. De La Rosa also educated students about wildlife and how important it is to let wildlife be wild. She advised not to interact with wild animals – and to tell an adult who can contact a wildlife rehabilitator, if necessary, if a close encounter is experienced. De La Rosa encouraged students to visit the Animal Services website to learn more about wildlife in Arlington.

Also in attendance was Robert Rodriguez, senior code officer with Code Compliance, who brought the Neighborhood Block Party trailer for students to exercise their game playing skills. The block party trailer is ever present at Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup events occurring citywide.

Many students were not aware of the free party trailer loaded with games and equipment for neighborhoods to host a bock party. They enjoyed playing yard sports such as cornhole, frisbee and ring toss and more. Learn more about the free neighborhood block party trailer here.

Code Compliance Services comprised of Animal Services and Code Compliance appreciates Ashworth Elementary and the opportunity to connect with youth to provide education and supportive connections through career day.

View photos from Career Day at Ashworth.

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Ashworth Elementary Career Day

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