Public Invited to Provide Feedback on Proposed Miss Persis Forster Honorary Street Sign Toppers Through May 12, 2023
By Office of Communication
Posted on April 12, 2023, April 12, 2023

Public Feedback Sought

The City of Arlington has received a community stakeholder request to install honorary street sign toppers along South Oak Street between West Main Street and West Abram Street in honor of Miss Persis Forster. A map of the extent of the sign toppers, which would read Miss Persis Place, is shown below.

Honorary street sign toppers do not change the official name of the street and do not affect addressing, navigation, mailing, or deliveries. The official names of the street between West Main Street and West Abram Street would remain South Oak Street.

A 30-day public comment period on this proposal will be open from April 12, 2023, to May 12, 2023. Please click here to access a comment form below to provide feedback on this proposal. The City Council will review the information after this comment period and make a determination on whether the proposal will be approved.

Proposed Miss Persis Forster honorary street sign toppers

Downtown Arlington, City Council District 5
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