Arlington Leverages Technology to Clear 3,275 Warrants During 2023 Citation and Warrant Resolution Drive
By Office of Communication
Posted on May 09, 2023, May 09, 2023

The Arlington Municipal Court conducted its annual Warrant Resolution Drive during February and March and cleared 3,275 warrants. The drive encourages defendants to voluntarily come into compliance with their outstanding court obligations. Persons with outstanding citations were encouraged to call, email, visit the City web page, or come to the court to take the necessary steps to resolve the matter.

During the drive, the Arlington Municipal Court waived the collection agency fees on warrants paid in full. More than 1,380 of those with warrants had an Arlington address.

“I want to put an emphasis that Safe Harbor is year-round and does not just occur during Warrant Resolution. Providing access to the courts without fear of arrest is paramount to enhancing procedural justice and public trust. We want to provide a forum for defendants to be responsible, accountable, and resolve their violations,” Court Administrator Jake Medrano said.

You can read more about the Warrant Resolution Drive in the latest edition of the Leveraging Technology newsletter. This edition also features the City of Arlington’s Outdoor Warning Siren System and Open Data Day.

All quarterly City Council priority newsletters are now produced in a digital formal, allowing for layers of additional video content and important links.

The Arlington City Council has identified “Leveraging Technology” as one of six priorities. Technology is an essential aspect of daily life and has quite the impact on our organization, residents, visitors and businesses. It is also integral in achieving the City’s other priorities: Invest in Our Economy, Support Youth and Families, Enhance Regional Mobility, Champion Great Neighborhoods and Build Unity.

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