Arlington Eats: Travel the World at YMCA’s International Food Festival
By Office of Communication
Posted on September 20, 2023, September 20, 2023

In this episode of Arlington Eats, host Cynthia Lemus visits the inaugural YMCA's International Food Festival in Arlington.

The Arlington/Mansfield Area YMCA hosts the International Food Festival for the first time this year, and the support from the community was a tremendous success, event organizers said.

 “Food is culture and people that comes from different parts of the world are very eager to share some of the dishes that their family members made have prepared or dishes that you can go to the Arlington community and have some great food in the local restaurants,” said Eric Tucker, president and CEO of the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA.

 From Jamaica to Syria, from India to Mexico, you can easily travel around the world just within this room.

 “One of the great things here is Arlington is that the community lives here,” said Tucker.

 “We have, I will say about 15 countries represented today. We really pride ourselves on reaching into the community, learning about who is in our backyard and representing those cultures, ” said Dancy Clark, director of Marketing & Communication of the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA.

 The goal was to learn about the many cultures in Arlington & Mansfield and celebrate the diversity of our cities to welcome everybody in the community.

 “I think everybody loves food, and that is something that bring all of us together, but now is an opportunity to showcase each other about the food why we cook the way we cook, how we eat and just bring everyone together and share that love,” said Washima Huq, member of the YMCA and executive director of the Texas Trust Gives Foundation.

 Click here to learn more about The Arlington & Mansfield Area YMCA.

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