When Does the City Council Meet? Click here for City Council meeting schedule.

Items for consideration by the City Council are outlined in an agenda.

Components of the agenda include the following:

Consent Agenda

This portion of the agenda consists of minute orders, resolutions and ordinances for final approval. These items require little or no deliberation by the City Council. Some items can be withdrawn from this portion of the agenda for public comment or separate consideration and vote. Public comment will be accepted on these items, with the exception of those items on which a public hearing has been held and closed by Council. To speak on items open for comment, please complete a Speaker Card located at the entrance to the Council Chamber and return the Card to a staff member.

Public Hearings

This portion of the agenda allows public input prior to City Council action. The proponent is allowed a specific time period to speak, as determined by the Chair. All other speakers for or against are also allowed a period of time to speak, as determined by the Chair. The proponent is then allowed a time period for rebuttal, as determined by the Chair. Public notice of all hearings is provided in local newspapers and on the City web site and cable channel. To provide public input, complete a Speaker Card at the entrance to the Council Chamber. Return the card to a staff member. Citizens who do not wish to address the City Council, but wish to record an opinion are asked to complete a Speaker Card. The comments on the card become a part of the official record of the public hearing.

Developers/applicants who wish to make presentations for their zoning cases to an evening City Council session should contact or make arrangements with the City planner in charge of their case in Planning & Development Services.

Ordinances First Reading

A majority vote of the City Council is required to approve most ordinances listed in this section of the agenda. If approved on first reading, the ordinance will appear on the Consent Agenda for final reading. A super majority or 3/4 vote is required to approve a zoning case when a valid petition of opposition has been submitted. For information specific to a zoning case, please contact Planning & Development Services at 817-459-6502.

Citizen Participation

This portion of the meeting agenda allows public input on items that are not listed on the agenda. Participants are required to complete a Speaker Card and return it to a staff member. Speakers are allowed a time period to speak, as determined by the Chair, taking into consideration the number of participants.

For more information on City Council meetings, call the City Manager's Office at 817-459-6100.