Image of a group photo of the Neighborhood Enhancement Team with some of the residents and cleanup volunteers for Parkview Addition's eventImage of Neighborhood Enhancement Team with Residents and Volunteers Loading a Republic Services truck with debris at cleanup eventImage of an adorable daughter of a Parkview Resident helping at the Parkview Addition cleanup event with her brother and others in the background workingImage of Council member Marvin Sutton with his wife Raquel Gair Sutton, Volunteers, City Staff and Republic Services employees with Fish Creek Residents at the Fish Creek Cleanup Day EventImage of Volunteers and city staff removing large debris from a Fish Creek property on cleanup dayImage of three Arlington Firefighters removing debris from a Fish Creek property at the cleanup eventMrs. Raquel Gair Sutton with Volunteers at the Fish Creek Cleanup Day EventImage of Council member Marvin Sutton with his wife Raquel Gair Sutton, Volunteers, City Staff together with a Fish Creek Resident after trimming a tree togetherImage of Volunteers, City Staff and Republic Services Removing Debris at the Fish Creek Neighborhood Cleanup EventImage of Neighborhood Enhancement Team Members at Lake Arlington Highlands Cleanup EventImage of Resident of Lake Arlington Highlands at cleanup event standing in front of the Block Party TrailerImage of Lake Arlington Highlands neighbors at Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup eventImage of residents at Lake Arlington Highlands at Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup event dayImage of Neighborhood Enhancement Team at Lake Arlington Highlands cleanup event dayImage of Neighborhood Enhancement Team Members with Council member Marvin Sutton and his wife, Raquel Gair Sutton at the Berkeley Square Cleanup EventImage of Neighborhood Enhancement Team Members at Berkeley Square neighborhood cleanup event.Image of Phillips Park Resident Giving a High-Five to Senior Code Compliance Officer at cleanup event.Code Compliance Officers at Phillips Park Clean-up Event removing debris from a back yard.Image taken at Phillips Park cleanup event showing Arlington Library employee hands-on with code compliance in the effort.Photo of Arlington Code Compliance, Police Department, Library, and Republic Services working together in cleanup event.Photo of Arlington Code Compliance Officer and Phillips Park Resident loading city vehicle with yard waste at cleanup event.Photo of Phillips Park Resident with crew of Arlington City employees and Republic Services at cleanup event.Photo of Arlington Code Compliance Officer offering free services to two Phillips Park residents at neighborhood cleanup event.Photo of Arlington Code Compliance Officers and Republic Services employees removing vegetation overhanging the sidewalk and street.Photo of Phillips Park young residents offering cold beverages to Code Compliance, Republic Services, and Phillip Park Residents at cleanup event.Photo of team effort by Phillips Park Resident with Code Compliance and Republic Servides loading unwanted items into a waste removal truck.Photo of Phillips Park neighbors eating and celebrating together the results of the cleanup event. The Block Party Trailer is shown in the background.Photo of Phillips Park neighborhood youth getting refreshments after playing in bounce houses after the cleanup event.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team is a Council driven initiative with the mission of improving the quality of life, aesthetic appeal, and economic vitality of Arlington neighborhoods.

Community engagement is key to the success of this program to Champion Great Neighborhoods. Additional resources are dedicated to encouraging community involvement with the desire of creating a physical and economic ripple effect that produces sustained visible improvement through residents' increased community pride.

Who Participates?

A Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup event is hosted by Code Compliance and other city departments in collaboration with Republic Services to assist residents requesting cleanup of the exterior of their personal properties and neighborhood. Community leaders, Homeowner Associations, faith-based organizations and more are all encouraged to request and volunteer to participate in an event. Prior to a scheduled cleanup event, Code Compliance will reach out to each residence within the neighborhood letting them know about the opportunity to participate.

What Resources are Provided for a Cleanup Event?

A site is selected with in the neighborhood of the cleanup event where a large dumpster is provided for those residents to drop off trash, household items and other approved items for disposal. Republic Services trucks canvas the designated neighborhood on the day of the event to provide special curbside pickup of unwanted items.

Examples of items accepted:

  • Trash
  • Tree limbs
  • Fence panels
  • Furniture

Hazardous waste is not accepted at a cleanup event. Arlington residents may drop-off hazardous waste such as paint, motor oil, and pesticides for free (with proof of Arlington residency, such as a driver's license or water bill) at the Environmental Collection Center. Click here to learn more about the Environmental Collection Center, its location, and items accepted.

Code Compliance along with other city staff are available at each event to assist residents with property cleanup upon request. The Neighborhood Engagement Program staff offers a free Block Party Trailer equipped with tables, chairs, picnic tables, coolers, yard games and more to conclude the cleanup event activities with an engaging, relaxing social time with friends and neighbors.

When Will the Neighborhood Enhancement Team Cleanup a Neighborhood?

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team schedules cleanup events by request and level of interest and neighborhood collaboration.

Why Get Involved?

This is a great way to connect with neighbors while taking advantage of resources provided by the city and community partners. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner property, a more desirable neighborhood, and the gratification of helping fellow neighbors.

How to Get Involved

Contact us by clicking here to email Code Compliance about your desire tor a Neighborhood Enhancement Team cleanup event, or call the Action Center at 817-459-6777 for more information. Donations to the program are also welcomed.

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For more information, please contact the Action Center at 817-459-6777.