Any accumulation of trash, litter, building materials, tree limbs or debris, junk, etc. found on the grounds or property is unacceptable.

Common Violations

Unclean Premises

  • Items such as, but not limited to:
    • Loose trash or litter
    • Discarded or illegally dumped tire(s) and/or furniture
    • Used or discarded cardboard boxes
    • Any other items likely to become unwholesome, filthy, unsightly, offensive, or unsanitary 
  • A dumpster overflowing with trash, garbage, rubbish, junk, etc.
  • Foul or standing water 

Illegal Dumping

Do not allow illegally dumped trash and/or debris to remain on property. All properties must be clean and litter-free. 

Read the Ordinance

Get Involved


Please contact Luis Morales at 817-459-5343, Lesley Mills at 817-459-5363, or email [email protected].