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HB3167, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, amended Chapter 212 of the Texas Local Government code and required new shot clock procedures for processing all plats and plat-related plans. HB3699, passed in the 88th Regular Session, made further changes and repealed portions of HB3167. The mandatory changes of HB3699 are discussed on this website. HB3699 also authorized cities to make certain discretionary changes to the platting process. Unless specifically mentioned on this website, the City of Arlington has opted not to adopt such changes. The new legislation took effect on September 1, 2023, and affects all plats and plat-related plans filed after that date.

The Planning and Development Services Department has revised long-standing plat procedures to comply with HB3167 and HB3699.  The changes are intended to maintain Arlington’s proactive, customer-friendly approach and ensure that all projects meet the City’s standards for quality development.  The City Council adopted enabling amendments to the Unified Development Code in Ordinance No. 19-053 on October 15, 2019 to implement HB3167. The shot-clock calendar has been revised to comply with the mandates of HB3699 on completeness and commencement of the shot-clock.  

Please note that the new procedures apply to all plats filed after September 1, 2019 unless the plat pertains to an active project that vested under Chapter 245 of the Texas Local Government Code prior to that date. For vested projects, the plat shall be processed according to the procedural rules in effect at the time the project vested. Vesting status is conferred on a case-by-case basis. Applicants may request a vesting determination by emailing the Assistant Director along with the earliest date of the first complete submittal of the preliminary plat or other Chapter 245 defined permit (other than zoning), which started the project. If an applicant with a vested project wishes to take advantage of the new shot-clock procedures pursuant to LGC Section 245.002(d), the applicant shall file
written notification with the Planning Manager on or before the date a new plat is filed.  All plats, regardless of vesting status, must comply with all completeness requirements, the latest standards for public infrastructure, and are subject to all plat-related fees.

Highlights of the Platting Process and the Shot-Clock Calendar

  • Electronic Submittal Only. The City of Arlington is no longer accepting hard copy submittals.  Plats shall be submitted only through  Submittals received through are subject to compliance with all completeness requirements, the latest standards for public infrastructure, and are subject to all plat-related fees.
  • Completeness Review and Incomplete Submittals. To properly manage the statutory shot-clock, plat applications shall be filed during the Submittal Period as shown on the Shot-Clock Calendar. has been configured to no longer accept a plat if the applicant attempts to file at any time other than the published Submittal Period. Applications shall be reviewed for completeness during a concurrent Completeness Review period. Completeness shall be evaluated according to the checklist found here. Any changes to the checklist must be made in writing at or after the Plat Pre-Application meeting (PAM) and are not valid without the case manager's signature. Applicants will be notified by email in the event of an incomplete submittal.  IMPORTANT NOTICE: INCOMPLETE SUBMITTALS SHALL NOT BE PROCESSED, AND THE 30-DAY SHOT-CLOCK SHALL NOT COMMENCE. Revised applications must be resubmitted during the next available Submittal Period. The City of Arlington reserves the right to revise the completeness checklist at any time without notice. The revised checklist shall be effective immediately upon posting on this website. A case manager's decision to strike an item on the checklist for a particular project does not waive, modify, nor amend the completeness checklist for future projects.
  • No Combination Plats.  Combination Plats are no longer accepted.  Preliminary plats and final plats must be submitted and processed separately.
  • Special Circumstances. On February 28, 2023, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 23-010, which established two new platting rules. (1) Newly platted or replatted lot lines shall conform to existing zoning district boundaries. (2) A plat that includes both platted parcels and parcels not previously platted and filed of record shall be processed as a preliminary plat.
  • Plat-Related Documents. All plat-related documents reflected on the Plat Application Required Documents Checklist must be submitted through
  • Planning Commission Approval Required. The Planning Commission must approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove all plats - preliminary, final, and replats - as well as any site plans or engineering plans associated with those plats. Amending plats and minor plats may be approved administratively if there are no conditions or deficiencies.
    • Approval:  The Plat meets all the requirements of the Unified Development Code, applicable statutes, form for recording, and other rules and regulations of the City.
    • Approval with Conditions: The Plat has deficiencies in substance or form that the City, in its sole discretion, determines that it can be fully corrected or revised without requiring additional review for compliance, without necessitating additional comments for revision, or without substantive modifications to previously reviewed plat-related plans.
    • Disapproval: The Plat does not meet requirements of the Unified Development Code, applicable statutes, form for recording, or other Rules and Regulations of the City.
    • Denial: The Plat has previously been disapproved, and the 212.0093 response fails to correct the deficiencies enumerated in the City's written Statement of Reasons for disapproval.
  • Note on "Approved with Conditions".  A Plat that is Approved with Conditions is not approved until the City determines that the plat has been corrected or revised to adequately address each and every condition in the Written Statement of Reasons for Conditional Approval. Until that time, the City of Arlington shall not accept any submittal pertaining to the development of the property to be platted, including but not limited to a site plan, public infrastructure plans (unless required for completeness) or a final plat, if applicable. Nor shall the City issue, grant, or release any permit, approval, or work of any kind that would authorize early site work such as tree removal or grading.
  • PAM Required. The applicant must schedule and attend a mandatory Plat Pre-Application Meeting (PAM) prior to submitting a plat. Appointments are now being accepted for PAM according to the PAM Calendar. You may submit your PAM application and pay the $200 application fee through Until further notice, all Plat Pre-Application meetings (PAM) will be held through teleconference or videoconference.
  •  Contents of Final Plats. Final plat submittals shall include site plans and public improvement plans. Final plats also include a $1000 fee for the review of public infrastructure plans.
  •  Plat Agenda. A Plat agenda together with staff comments will be released one week prior to the applicable Planning Commission meeting.
  •  Extensions of the Shot-Clock. The applicant may request, in writing, an extension of the 30-day shot-clock not to exceed an additional 30 days. The Planning Commission in its sole discretion may approve, modify, or deny the shot-clock extension.  NOTE: The Planning Commission calendar will not allow for granting a full 30-day extension. Unless the Planning Commission directs otherwise, the extension will be granted for the longest period possible, but in no case longer than 28 days. Pursuant to HB3699, applicants may request multiple extensions. Approval of a shot-clock extension does NOT alter the Shot-Clock Calendar. Download the shot-clock extension request form.
  •  Section 212.0093 Responses. Following a Disapproval, an applicant shall provide a written response to each reason shown on the City's Written Statement of Reasons for Disapproval. Responses shall be filed ONLY during the Written Response Filing period as shown on the Shot-Clock Calendar. has been configured to no longer accept a 212.0093 response if the applicant attempts to file at any time other than during the published Written Response Filing period. Applicant responses are not subject to a completeness review. The 15-day shot-clock commences upon receipt. IMPORTANT NOTICE: A 212.0093 RESPONSE FILED AT ANY TIME OTHER THAN DURING THE WRITTEN RESPONSE FILING PERIOD AS SHOWN ON THE SHOT-CLOCK CALENDAR OR BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN ARLINGTONPERMITS.COM IS HEREBY REJECTED WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE TO THE APPLICANT AND SHALL NOT BE PROCESSED.
  •  Plat Denial. If a plat is denied at the conclusion of the 15-day shot-clock, it must be resubmitted as a New Application.
  •  Calendar Subject to Change. The Shot-Clock Calendar is established in December of each year. The calendar does not guarantee that the Planning Commission will meet on a particular date. The Commission may, in accordance with law, amend or modify the Shot-Clock Calendar according to the needs of the City and in the interest of processing plats and plat-related plans to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community at large.

Pat Process Chart

Platting Process Refresher - Audio only; Presentation (.pdf)

Staff has included the links above with the modified applications and Shot-Clock Calendar for use at this time.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact the planner in charge of platting at 817-459-6670. This website will be updated periodically to reflect best practices and provide the development community with practical tips for working within the new procedures brought about by HB3167.