A successful community requires a variety of support systems and an environment that enables our residents to flourish and grow. Our public and private educational institutions of all levels provide essential elements of this formula, and the City of Arlington will continue to support their efforts in collaborative ways.

Additionally, the City will seek to provide programs and services to directly support youth and their families, enabling them to reach their highest potential in life. potential in life.

Physical Wellness

Arlington is a place where our youth have a variety of venues and activities to develop strength and skills while expending energy in a healthy and positive manner. The options offered to our young residents will provide a diverse variety of activities differing in cost, type and location for all income levels. As indoor and electronic activities become more prevalent, it is more important than ever to offer opportunities to engage in physical play to build confidence, physical fitness and peer interaction skills.

Intellectual and Emotional Development

The City will offer programming with a variety of opportunities for Arlington youth to engage and broaden their minds in enjoyable challenges from collaborative problem solving to inventing to forming positive social relationships. The City will also offer paths to connect youth and authority figures in constructive ways with the goal of developing supportive connections that can guide them in a
positive direction when needed.

Supporting Families

The City of Arlington understands that a supported family builds the success of the entire community – affecting change in areas as diverse as academic achievement, crime rates and neighborhood satisfaction.  Because of this, the City strives to support all Arlington families by providing ways for them to play and interact together in multiple venues and settings. From walkable neighborhood playgrounds to toddler storytime at a branch library to the Teen  Court, the City endeavors to complement and support the essential role families play in building the next generation of Arlington residents to allow them to achieve their American Dream.

Kids playing at Municipal pool playground