APD Launches New Connect Arlington Camera Sharing Program
By Tim Ciesco
Posted on January 22, 2024, January 22, 2024

The Arlington Police Department has officially launched “Connect Arlington,” a first-of-its-kind public safety initiative in North Texas that uses technology to empower city residents and businesses to partner with their police department and combat crime.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – crime is not just a policing issue,” said Chief of Police Al Jones. “It’s a community issue. We need the community’s help and support to address crime in our city. One of the most impactful ways our residents and businesses can do that is by providing us with quick access to surveillance footage when an incident occurs.”

 Connect Arlington allows residents and businesses with surveillance systems to either register or integrate their cameras with APD’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC).

 Registration is a FREE option that is recommended for residents. When an incident occurs, RTCC can instantly identify which nearby addresses have registered surveillance cameras that may have captured footage relevant to the investigation – and quickly get in contact with the camera owner about accessing that footage. It also gives participants the ability to upload surveillance footage directly to the department.

 Registration DOES NOT give the department live or unfiltered access to residential cameras.

 Integration is an option for members of the business community. With the purchase of a Fusus core device, interested businesses can integrate their surveillance systems directly with RTCC, giving RTCC direct access to the participant’s live camera feeds. The business maintains full control over which specific cameras RTCC has access to.

 Both options are completely voluntary and participants can opt-in or opt-out at any time.

 “When a crime occurs, the suspect isn’t usually waiting at the scene for officers to arrive,” said Deputy Chief Steve Williams whose Technical Services Division is overseeing the Connect Arlington program. “Our chances of finding and taking that suspect into custody increase exponentially the sooner we’re able to identify them or their vehicle. That’s why we’re hopeful our residents and businesses will embrace Connect Arlington.”

 “Part of building trust with the community is engagement,” said Christopher Lindenau, CEO of Fusus, the technology vendor APD is using for the Connect Arlington program. “What we’ve seen across the country with agencies that start these types of programs is their community engagement increases. When it comes to public safety, change is best done in concert with those who you are trying to protect as a joint initiative.”

 Interested residents and businesses can learn more about the program or sign up by visiting the APD website.

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