Arlington Eats: Shrimp Doc prescribes Variety of Food with Shrimp Twist to Menu
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Posted on February 20, 2024, February 20, 2024

Arlington Eats hosts Jeremy Thomas visits the Shrimp Doc for a fresh prescription of a variety of shrimp. 

“We want to be simple and effective,” said co-owner David Harrison. “We’re on one street. I don’t want to be disturbed. I want to do it, and I want to do it well. That’s why we stay in the shrimp lane. Nothing but shrimp.”

If you couldn’t tell co-owner David Harrison is serious when it comes to shrimp. You probably know, tasted or have seen the food from Shrimp Doc at a Texas Rangers baseball game or as their popularity grew as vendors at the State Fair of Texas since 2016. 

“That’s only 24 days out of the year, but over the years, people have said, ‘do you have a location,’ or ‘I have to wait for the Fair to get this again,’ Harrison recounted. “That’s what prompted us to even begin to start to look for a place and found Arlington.”

Harrison and his family opened this storefront off Sublett Road in February 2023. 

“We’re known for the Blackened Shrimp Baked Potato,” said co-owner Derrica Leonard. “It’s how we got into the State Fair of Texas. We thought that would be our number one thing here, but the number one thing here is our fried shrimp with our flavors. Everyone here loves our Zesty Cool Ranch, Cajun Buffalo, Hot Lemon Pepper. They love the different combinations.”

“Our maple cinnamon waffle with shrimp, and our grilled shrimp with seasoned veggies and grilled rice,” Harrison explained. “We try to have something so it’s not all fried, and we have a few items things here that we don’t do at the State Fair, so you get a little treat if you come in.”

Even as the family looks to expand their business to new locations, they’re loving the community right here in The American Dream City.

“Honestly, it’s been overwhelming,” Leonard said. “It’s been really good here. We’re seeing new faces every day. It’s not just within the community, people are traveling

“It’s not just around this area,” said co-owner Melissa Harrison. “We get love here in Arlington, but they’re coming from everywhere.”

“Arlington has really been a great place. We really like it here in Arlington,” David Harrison said.

Shrimp Doc is located at 710 E Sublett Road Suite 175 in Arlington. For the restaurant hours, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page

Blackened Shrimp Baked Potato

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