The Economic Value of Tarrant County College District
By Tarrant County College Communications
Posted on January 26, 2024, January 26, 2024

Image of TCC Southeast CampusTarrant County College is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the country and a centerpiece for the sustained progress and prosperity of the county. Like Texas as a whole, Tarrant County is harnessing the energy of growth and an increasingly diverse economy and population. TCC was founded in 1965 as Tarrant County Junior College District. In 1999, the name changed to Tarrant County College District to better express the totality of educational offerings and services the college provides.

A recent economic impact study highlighted the significant impact TCC has on the local community. For example, TCC’s extensive portfolio of economic impact highlights $2.1 billion in annual added income to the county economy, a value approximately equal to 1.4% of the county’s gross regional product (GRP). Expressed in terms of jobs, TCC’s impact supported 26,222 jobs. TCC alumni accounted for $1.7 billion in added income to the county; current students were responsible for adding $93 million; and the College added $267 million through operations spending.

 “The impact of Tarrant County College is considerable,” said Elva LeBlanc, TCC Chancellor. “But perhaps the most important impact can’t be measured in dollars and cents, but in how it affects each student.”

TCC Southeast, located in Arlington, opened in fall of 1996. It serves over 10,000 students in addition to four early college high schools, including Arlington Collegiate High School. 

TCC’s value add to the economy extends beyond monies flowing directly into the economy. Investment analyses demonstrate yields of return on investment. On average, the annual return rate of investment for students who earn an associate degree from TCC is 30%. For perspective, the stock market’s annual return rate averages less than 10%. The return rates for students result in additional earnings of $9,200 per year compared to someone with a high school diploma. Taxpayers gain $1.30 in added tax revenue for every dollar invested into TCC, and society gains $11.00 in added income and social savings for each dollar invested.

“TCC’s degree and certificate programs and corporate training opportunities are a real boost to the labor force and the economy in general,” stated Steve Montgomery, President and CEO of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

The College’s impact spans the county. Approximately one (1) out of every 25 residents takes a course at TCC each year, and one (1) out of every 54 jobs in the county is supported by activities of TCC and our students. The multibillion-dollar impact in annual added income is an economic boost similar to the county hosting the MLB World Series more than 250 times. 

TCC has forged community connections, boosted the economy, and demonstrated the value of higher education – all the while being a reliable partner and guardian of community trust.

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