City of Arlington Implements Flex Hybrid Zoning District
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communications
Posted on August 09, 2023, August 09, 2023

Flex Hybrid Zoning

The City of Arlington has created a new flexible hybrid zoning district that would allow greater opportunities for developers and businesses to build research and development, e-commerce, small-scale manufacturing and assembly, or other limited clean commercial and light industrial uses in appropriate areas.

As the Flex Hybrid Zoning District is a brand-new zoning district, the traditional rezoning request from existing zoning to Flex Hybrid Zoning is still required. The Arlington City Council approved the addition of the Flex Hybrid Zoning District to the Unified Development Code earlier this year to help the city be more attractive to small- and medium-sized businesses seeking to conduct modernized, clean industrial activities while still minimizing potential impacts on neighboring properties.

This hybrid district would provide spaces for uses that support offices, showrooms, scientific technology, micro-warehouses, data centers, and small-scale manufacturing and assembly in areas adjacent with similar uses or retail/commercial use. This versality would allow a range of commercial, industrial and office activities within one building and could allow for a growing business to centralize their operations. Examples include jewelry making, electronics repair, design and print facilities, wholesale supply businesses or self-storage facilities, a construction field office, restaurants and sidewalk cafés, a microbrewery or winery, medical laboratory, or veterinary clinic.

The zoning would not allow for auto sales or repairs, wrecker services, pawn shops, salvage or storage yards or other commercial and industrial uses that generate noise, smoke, noxious odors, or other hazards.

To learn more, contact the Planning and Development Service Department’s One Start Development Center at [email protected] or 817-459-6502. The center is located on the 2nd floor of Arlington City Hall, 101 W. Abram St.

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