Six Flags Over Texas Announces New Family Ride, a Returning Favorite, and Retheming of a Classic Attraction
By Six Flags Over Texas Communication
Posted on February 21, 2024, February 21, 2024

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas, the Thrill Capital of Texas, has announced new park enhancements for the 2024 season.

One new ride, Sylvester and Tweety Pounce and Bounce, and one returning ride, Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters, will be coming to the Bugs Bunny Boomtown section of the park Memorial Day weekend. A retheming of the classic Chaparral Antique Cars into Dino Off Road Adventure will follow later in the summer.

Additional park enhancements include new theming elements in the queues for BATMAN™ : The Ride and MR. FREEZE™, and the building of a permanent structure for the Boomtown Bar.

"For 63 years, generations of guests have come to the park to have fun and experience thrills with their families," says Park President Richard Douaihy. "We're so pleased that these new attractions will offer our guests the opportunity to make even more memories with the people who matter most."

The new attractions include:

  • Sylvester and Tweety Pounce and Bounce is a family drop tower that lifts riders 41 feet in the air before beginning a sequence of downward pounces and upward bounces;
  •  Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters is a spinning ride that features water blasters on its bucket-shaped guest compartments so riders can spray each other while the ride is in motion. It is returning to the park after a three-year absence. The ride was removed in 2021 during the construction of AQUAMAN™: Power Wave and is now making its triumphant return;
  •  Dino Off Road Adventure will revamp the second-oldest attraction in the park with new cars, a redecorated queue, and 13 dinosaur animatronics along the ride’s route.
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