The bronze sculpture “The Gift” features a man teaching a little boy to play guitar and greatly enhances Arlington's outdoor performance venue Levitt Pavilion at Founder's Plaza. Map it!

The art work was created by award-winning sculptor Seth Vandable and rests in a circular area just to the left of the pavilion stage on the Abram Street side at the History Garden entrance on Abram and Center streets.

The sculpture was cast by Schaeffer Art Bronze in Arlington and commissioned by long-time Arlington residents Debra Duncan and her husband, Randy Jordan, who have raised a family surrounded by music. The couple believe in community and sharing what they call “the magic of music.” This strong belief in music and what it evokes is the inspiration behind the work's concept that a gift of music is meant to be shared with each other, with the community and from generation to generation.

The GiftThe GiftThe Gift