Arlington Fire Department Publishes Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communications
Posted on May 29, 2024, May 29, 2024

FY23 Fire Department Annual Report

Arlington Fire Chief Bret Stidham presented the department's Fiscal Year 2023 annual report to the City Council this week, highlighting proactive fire prevention efforts, emergency preparedness planning, and other priorities designed to keep the 99-square-mile city safe.

Firefighters responded to more than 54,000 emergencies last fiscal year, including 35,983 EMS calls and 3,881 fire calls. Stidham said it important to recognize the department’s successes, but even more important to understand the need to continue improving and to make every effort to achieve greatness. He said the City remains committed to being innovative and to seek out best practices. Current and future enhancements in equipment, technology, and advanced training will help the Arlington Fire Department to remain the best in the country.

 “Our firefighters work and train tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors. We continually work to prevent and mitigate risks, and we will always continue to provide critical support to those in need,” Stidham said.

 Click here to read the Arlington Fire Department FY23 Annual Report.

 Highlights include:

  •  9-1-1 Communications answered 391,935 total calls in FY23, and dispatched 259,370 police calls for service, 54,939 (EMS) ambulance calls for service, and 54,939 fire calls for service. Overall, 91.59% of 9-1-1 calls were answered within 10 seconds or less.
  •  The department provided services for 186 special events at AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Field, Choctaw Stadium and other venues throughout the city in FY23.
  •  20,672 inspection activities completed, including annual fire inspections, gas well inspections, new construction, or complaint/courtesy inspections.
  •  Firefighters participated in 103 public education programs and provided 69 engine visits and 17 fire station tours.
  •  The department recorded satisfaction ratings of 94% for quality of service, 96% for timeliness of service and 77% for communication education services in the latest Citizen Survey. The City’s ambulance/emergency medical services quality of service and timeliness of service also received increased satisfaction ratings of 91% and 93, respectively.
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