Pets of the Week - Meet Watson & Paris
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Posted on April 15, 2024, April 15, 2024

Watson and Paris

Dog of the Week – Meet Watson

This four-year, one-and-a-half-month-old male Pit Bull Terrier mix is black, brown and white in color and weighs 62 pounds. The middle of April means "Tax Day" unless one files an extension. We are trying to make your decision of adding a new furry pet to your life less taxing by suggesting this brindle canine for you. Having been in the shelter over 44 days, he does not need an extension of any more time to spend with us. Watson is one of our more unique offerings as he can't be taken off leash since he was seen on camera climbing to the top corner in one of the socialization yards. Apparently, he had a real desire to go play at the neighboring dog park. He would probably be a good exercise partner as he really just wants to run and play! While we haven't seen him taking advantage of any other climbing opportunities, it is recommended Watson be provided a yard with a tall privacy fence (instead of a chain link fence that he can climb). He seems to be a happy dog that is highly treat motivated. VIP status has been attained due to his length of time in the shelter thereby making Watson available at a reduced adoption fee. Meet Watson at Dog Adoptions (DA) 1, his ID number is A55442635.

Second Dog of the Week – Meet Paris

This two-year, two-month-old female Perro de Presa Canario mix is brindle in color and weighs 76 pounds. This canine selection has been in the shelter now over 65 days! She came into the shelter a little timid but loved being outside and hanging out with our staff trying to get her photo when she first came in. The day after her arrival she birthed one puppy. She interacted well with the puppy showing her motherly protectiveness. We designated her as "rescue only" and then unfortunately, the puppy passed away. Paris then reverted to her timid personality. She is now a VIP pet due to her timid nature and is really needing a "furever" home as soon as the right adopter shows up to adopt her. VIP designation means Paris can be adopted at a reduced adoption fee. Here's hoping you will adopt one of these featured dogs so we can "dwindle the (number of) brindles" that are in the shelter. Paris is in Dog Holding (DH), with ID number A55244403.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration and microchip.

Pets of the Week
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